Music and Mindfulness Tools for Compassionate Introverts

Stretch Your Energy Further into the Day and Recharge Quicker On the Go

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Live Each Day EXCITED by Your Calling to Serve Others

WITHOUT feeling drained at the end of the day…

WITHOUT secondary interactions zapping the focus needed for your primary work…

WITHOUT feeling sluggish the morning after (AKA introvert hangover)…

What’s standing in your way? Stress! The more introverted your personality, the more important it is to monitor your energy level and environment to keep stress in check. Find out how introverted you are and which scenarios deplete your energy fastest in this video:

How to Make Your Energy Last if You’re an Introvert

Is Stress a Barrier to Your Health and Happiness?

A little stress goes a long way! Use the Stress Detector Tool below to find out what it’s capable of when left to fester. Though you might be surprised by the potential of stress to damage a body, most of it is preventable and reversible.

Why Being a Good “Listener” is Your Best Defense Against Stress

Stress doesn’t work its destruction silently, though it is QUIET at first. Long before alarm bells go off alerting you to the 100+ possible dysfunctions in the search tool above, the warning signs are there.

When stress ramps up, internal body awareness shifts to a preoccupation with external events and cyclical thought traps. Put another way, you shut out real-time feedback from your body information you need to properly protect yourself.

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