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Your Fast Track to Less Stress: A 5-Minute Music Relaxation Tool Tailored to You

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Creative Relaxation, Music for Relaxation | 0 comments

Why use music to relax? In short, music stops stress from wreaking havoc on processes throughout your body. It also resets naturally rhythmic functions like breaths and heart beats, bringing them in sync with music to slow them down. For more proof to back these claims, check out my article on 12 ways listening to music helps you relax.

In keeping with my promise to fast track your relaxation efforts here, pairing music with controlled breathing is the way to go. As you consciously manipulate each breath, music guides the pacing your breath cycle. Music at the proper speed, or tempo, also provides consistency that carries over to your breathing. The Perfect Breath Project expands on this skill even more and includes a library of music for breathwork practice, by the way.

The custom music provided in the fast track tool on this page matches your starting heart rate and gradually slows down over the course of 5 minutes. As the music slows and you follow with your breathing, your heart rate decreases as well. It sets off an automatic parasympathetic relaxation response with very little effort.

You’re only a few steps and 5 minutes away from a personalized music relaxation experience. Try it out and come back often to make musical breathwork a mainstay of your stress-busting arsenal.

Step #1:
Listen to the Guided Exercise

Use this music-facilitated breathing exercise to get powerful relaxation benefits in just 5 minutes.

​Listen to the guided introduction below to learn how to add rhythmic movement and breathing to your customized music for maximum results.

Fast Track to Less Stress

(Guided Introduction)

Step #2:
Measure Your Current Heart Rate

Measure your heart rate for 30 seconds using the provided timer. If you need help learning how to take your pulse, watch this video from Hamilton Health Sciences.

Step #3:
Get Your Customized Music Track

Enter your 30-second heart rate here to get your customized music for relaxation.

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