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The Ultimate Priority Prompt

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If asked to list your top 5 priorities on the spot, how easily would you come up with that list?

If you’re a giver, you find it difficult to say, “No,” to others. The more stuff you pile on your plate, the more likely you are to put off your needs to make others happy and get stuff done.

Over time, resentment towards others festers as you cross a certain stress threshold – this tipping point is different for everyone. Welcome to a condition known as compassion fatigue. Depletion of your personal energy reserves dulls that beautiful giving spirit, which also makes it difficult to muster the motivation to give yourself the extra care you’ve been lacking.

When you develop a strong sense of your priorities, this awareness provides a buffer against giving too much of yourself to others. You still need to learn and PRACTICE how to say, “No,” before your plate starts to spill over. But your contribution portion control, so to speak, hinges on a clear idea of the items on (or not on) your priorities list.

Self-Awareness Challenge of the Day

Think of your priorities as the things you love most in life. This makes it easier to identify them and gives you more reason to protect them, too! Try the following gratitude exercise today to translate your blessings into your priorities.

Start by closing your eyes. Say, “Thank you,” to yourself or out loud. Allow a few moments for an image to form in your mind, something you appreciate. Don’t try too hard. Sometimes you’ll need to say the words a few times before any image will appear. With time and practice, you’ll generate the images more easily. Build your priority list around three to five of these visualizations.

Keep in mind your priorities will change, sometimes daily. If you feel your plate getting heavy, check to see what’s pulling you away from your love list. When you load your plate in alignment with your priorities, it will feel lighter and easier to carry.

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