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Calendar blocks indicating day two of the seven day stretch your self-awareness challenge

Daily (Mealtime) Digital Detox

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In a world where “multi-tasking” is the norm, you may feel compelled to use mealtime for productivity or catching up on social media.

Ready for a truth bomb? Your brain is incapable of multi-tasking the way most people expect. In fact, your brain attends to only ONE thing at a time. When you attempt to do multiple things simultaneously, your brain devotes attention to just one thing while the other tasks (typically more familiar or repetitive) get put on autopilot. In other words, you mindlessly engage in anything your brain can’t give that limited amount of attention.

Here’s the big takeaway: scrolling on your phone as you eat prevents you from noticing when you start to feel full. It also blocks the satisfaction of a craving having been satiated.

What happens next? You overeat. Cravings keep coming back. You lose perspective on what and how much you eat in a meal or even a whole day. These circumstances result in the following long-term effects:

  • Bloating and discomfort after meals
  • Unhealthy association between digital devices and the urge to eat
  • Weight gain

Self-Awareness Challenge of the Day

Today, take the first step in stopping the progression of multi-tasking leading to mindless eating ending with discomfort and added pounds. Enjoy ONE MEAL free from digital devices, social interaction, to-do lists, reading, etc. Savor the richness of this total sensory experience. Food is one of few things that activates every one of your senses. If you pay attention, eating turns into a highly stimulating activity.

You may notice that you eat a little faster when eliminating distractions. With the extra time, feel free to reward yourself by granting access to your phone again or getting a breath of fresh air – your choice!