Scrabble tiles laid out to spell 'freebie'

Join the Freebie Frenzy!

Downloadable Resources so Great You’ll Have to Join a Secret Society to Get Them

Kidding! Kidding! Dig in and enjoy with abandon since every guide, tracker, planner, and printable here is completely free!

While you don’t need to be part of a secret society to access them, they’re only available to our exclusive community of Stress Less Weekly subscribers. Get new freebies before they’re available anywhere else. Plus, as one of the VIP perks of subscribing, receive special discounts for bookstore and live events.

Mockup of Daily Stress-Proofing Kit on tablet sitting on gray blanket

Daily Stress-Proofing Kit for Introverts

Stress resilience depends on 3 daily habits that introverts must master. Download the free Stress-Proofing Kit to get started. Download the Kit Today >>

Cell phone with positive affirmation as wallpaper

Positive Affirmations for Your Smartphone

Keep a positive attitude wherever you go with affirmations right on your smartphone screen! Reinforce constructive self-talk for a quick boost in mood, focus, relaxation, and resilience. Get Your Digital Wallpaper >>

Woman walking in the city with ear buds

Guided Walking Meditation

This guided walking meditation blends deep breathing, gratitude, and movement. Get the mp3 download that includes music as an added bonus. Get the MP3 to Go >>

Home Spa Day Recipes ebook mockup displayed with jar of whipped body butter and coconuts in background

Home Spa DIY Recipe Ebook

Download a free ebook with 10 easy home spa recipes that turn skin care into self-care that nurtures both mind and body. Download the Recipe Ebook >>

Desktop with coffee cup, notepad with pen, and earbuds scattered around white tablet displaying mockup of digital songwriting tools guide

Digital Songwriting Tools Guide

Write a song to relax and express yourself! Get a 5-step process and digital songwriting tools for total beginners, especially non-musicians. Download the Songwriting Guide >>

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