Feeling drained by the end of the day and not sure how to hold on to your energy as an introvert? You need to know the biggest energy stealer for an introvert to understand why you’re tired all the time.

When it comes to sucking up an introvert’s energy supply, whether at a social gathering or at work, multi-tasking acts like a vacuum. Actually, context switching is a more accurate term. Your brain transfers focus from one thing to another, rather than attending to multiple things simultaneously. It’s actually incapable of the latter.

Extroverts gain energy from settings with competing sights, sounds, and interactions. Introverts, on the other hand, methodically absorb their world one piece at a time, which demands a ton of energy and concentration. That’s why introverts feel so tired after hectic days and socializing in groups. It also explains why introverts need to step away periodically for mini breaks.

Regulating your energy level is an ability every introvert should strive to master for optimal health and well-being. This involves slow dripping your energy coupled with restoring it quickly before total depletion. And I’ve got resources to accomplish both. They draw on my expertise as a board-certified music therapist with a specialization in stress management. Let’s dig in.

First, focus on improving your self-awareness. Specifically, listen to your body’s unique way of communicating with you. If you do, it will reward you with better sleep, early detection of illness and conflict, improved emotional control, and increased life-satisfaction as a whole. How do you do all this? One day at a time with the progressive skillset presented in my free online course, Be Aware to Be Well. Enroll in the Self-Awareness Training >>

Next, create a custom toolkit of preventive and quick-recovery techniques that counter everyday stressors. These energy zappers don’t stand a chance against mind and body resilience activities that transform into automatic habits with time and practice. Download the Stress-Proofing Kit >>

Finally, allow yourself time to relax in ways that take your personality, preferences, and one-of-a-kind stress responses into consideration. Find the fastest way to engage your parasympathetic nervous system, or rather flip your chill switch, with the help of a quiz. The results provide a list of personalized activities suited to your needs. Take the Quiz to Stress Less >>

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Meet Brenna

I’m a music therapist, dog mom, nature enthusiast, business owner, introvert, sleep and stress management coach, and research lover. My mission is to help you remove stress as a barrier to better health, greater happiness, and more meaningful connections with the people and passions that make life exciting.

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