Surprisingly, nobody talks about 6 particular benefits of journaling that actually make your life easier. Read on to discover how this self-expression habit builds important life skills such as:
☑️ Living with no regrets
☑️ Controlling your emotions
☑️ Building and maintaining confidence
☑️ Getting stuff done
☑️ Handling tough days
☑️ Breaking bad habits

Make sure you watch the video above to get bonus journal recommendations that specifically address each skill on the list. You’ll find all of the journals in our self-care bookstore along with an in-depth starter guide for choosing and using our journals.


Living with No Regrets

Journaling uncovers opinions and preferences that give you a better idea of who you are. A strong sense of self helps you set priorities and boundaries as well as make decisions more easily. Self-reliance also stems from a firmly rooted assurance in what you believe about yourself.


Controlling Your Emotions

To understand the root causes of emotional reactions and habits, you must first be aware of them as they occur. Journaling, especially from well-crafted prompts, provides an effective method for recording your observations without relying on memory after the fact. Accurate, unbiased self-awareness gives you more control over your feelings and consequent actions.


Building and Maintaining Confidence

Use journaling to explore the creative parts of your personality – you won’t regret it! Focusing on the creative process, rather than a particular aesthetic outcome, leads to mastery of constructive self-judgment. It also teaches unconditional self-worth. Neither of these blossoms naturally in most people but are effectively cultivated through practice.


Getting Stuff Done

Uncover your unique daily, monthly, and seasonal energy and mood patterns to tap into your hidden potential. You’ll better anticipate your peak windows of time for productivity and taking risks as well as setting and achieving goals. You’ll also reveal your variable, but uniquely predictable, cycle of rest and introspection needs, an insight required to prevent burnout.


Handling Tough Days

Humans, by instinct, default to negativity instead of positivity. Learn to override this preset way of thinking via mindset journaling prompts. Contrary to skeptics’ claims, a positive outlook on life does NOT equate to toxic positivity, which more often relates to avoidance or denial coping mechanisms. Instead, genuine optimism ensures persistence and adaptability when solving problems and coping with stress.


Breaking Bad Habits

Reveal the true nature of automatic behavior patterns by tracking them with a journal. Most people tend to underestimate how often they rely on autopilot decisions as they go about their day. Awareness means regaining control over these subconscious processes. It’s the key to making new habits “stick” and eliminating old ones that stand in the way.


How to Stick with a Journaling Habit

Getting into a routine with journaling starts with finding your comfort zone, or entry point. Expect to grow from there just through practice and exposure to different types of prompts. How do you find your sweet spot for journaling success? If you want the shortest and simplest route, take the Journaling Personality Type Quiz. It factors in your interests, preferences, and past experience with journaling to make a personalized recommendation.

Above all else, strive for consistency as you incorporate journaling into your daily or weekly habits. Give yourself the grace to experiment and write imperfectly. Journaling nurtures self-discovery, awareness of your inner workings, and the ability to develop your strengths to push out habits that prey on weakness – all in good time.


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