By taking advantage of the forgiving nature of specific combinations of notes, you can make music that sounds great without practice or previous experience. Discover a shortlist of “pentatonic” musical instruments that are naturally mistake-proof. These easy-to-play instruments are the perfect gateway to musical self-expression and creativity.

Without the barrier of specialized training in your way, you gain instant access to the other benefits of music-making such as:
☑️ Exercising your mind
☑️ Synchronizing your brain hemispheres
☑️ Increasing relaxation
☑️ Triggering flow states and focus
☑️ Practicing mindfulness
☑️ Improving your mood
☑️ Building stress resilience

Engaging with music goes far beyond merely listening to it. Establishing a hobby around creating music can change your life for the better in countless, unexpected ways. Get started today with any of the musical instruments in the video, and enjoy the transformation.

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Meet Brenna

I’m a music therapist, dog mom, nature enthusiast, business owner, introvert, sleep and stress management coach, and research lover. My mission is to help you remove stress as a barrier to better health, greater happiness, and more meaningful connections with the people and passions that make life exciting.

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