Every year, research continues to uncover surprising benefits of daily gratitude. A thankful attitude affects more than your mood for starters. Let’s take a look at the ten most impressive reasons to approach life with gratitude, specifically when you practice it like any other skill you intend to master:

  1. Reduced time to fall asleep (with a better chance of staying asleep)
  2. More long-term friendships
  3. Higher, sustainable energy level
  4. Easier time making decisions
  5. Lower anxiety level over time
  6. Decreased perception of pain
  7. Reduced risk for depression
  8. Faster post-surgical or wound healing
  9. Increased productivity
  10. More patience and self-control

Understandably, gratitude doesn’t come easily to everyone at first. For prompts to get your grateful wheels turning, visit The Balanced Introvert’s YouTube playlist of inspiration for a positive mindset. If journaling sounds more intriguing, try the written prompts in the online self-care bookstore to awaken your unique powers of positivity.


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Meet Brenna

I’m a music therapist, dog mom, nature enthusiast, business owner, introvert, sleep and stress management coach, and research lover. My mission is to help you remove stress as a barrier to better health, greater happiness, and more meaningful connections with the people and passions that make life exciting.

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