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Be Aware to Be Well

Protect Your Health with Specialized Mindfulness Activities

Illustration showing woman meditating encircled by butterfly

The more introverted your personality, the more important it is to monitor your energy level and environment to keep stress in check. What’s the best way to accomplish this? Honing your “listening skills,” or rather awareness of your body’s regulation and distress signals.

In this FREE online course, you’ll unlock a new exercise each day that progressively re-trains your focus. And in doing so, you’ll learn to read physical sensations, interpret emotions, and predict your energy availability. Plus you’ll avoid the joy-killing consequences of unnecessary distractions, autopilot decision-making, and compromised priorities.

The idea of “balance” is a dynamic, or ever changing, mark of wellness. And this unique set of self-reflection and awareness exercises awakens the skills needed to keep your point of balance always in sight.

Course at a Glance


icon_document icon  Why Mindfulness Matters for Introverts

Awareness of Physical Sensations

icon_document icon  Wheel of Body Awareness Exercise

icon_tools icon  Bonus: Interactive Spinning Wheel Tool

Eliminating Unhealthy Distractions

icon_document icon  Mealtime Digital Detox Exercise

Being Mindful of What's Important

icon_document icon  The Ultimate Priority Writing Prompt

Stopping the Stress-Insomnia Cycle

icon_document icon  Sleep Onset Assessment

icon_music icon  Bonus: Musical Sleep Onset Timer

Understanding Your Energy Limits

icon_document icon  Energy Bubbles Exercise

icon_cloud download icon  Bonus: Energy Tracker PDF Download

Gaining Emotional Clarity

icon_document icon  Emotion Mandala Exercise

icon_cloud download icon  Bonus: Emotion Tracker PDF Download

No More "Going through the Motions"

icon_document icon Zombie Zap Exercise

Illustration showing woman meditating encircled by butterfly

Quick Summary

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icon_cloud download icon  Downloadable Journal Pages
icon_tools icon  Interactive Body Awareness Tool
icon_music icon  Music Track for Sleep


Meet Your Mindfulness Guide

Brenna Liebold, MT-BC

Brenna Liebold, MT-BC

Music Therapist | Sleep Science & Stress Coach

I’m a music therapist, dog mom, nature enthusiast, business owner, introvert, sleep and stress management coach, and research lover on a mission to help fellow introverts in compassion professions remove stress as a barrier to better health, greater happiness, and more meaningful connections with the people and passions that make life exciting.
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