2024 Weekly Planner with Pizzazz (Download)

Part planner, part habit tracker to keep your schedule, priorities, and reminders organized in one place. Put overwhelm in its place and foster creativity with the included digital stickers for personalization. 

Delivered via email in a compressed zip folder containing two downloadable PDF files, one optimized for use on digital devices (57 pages) and the other for home printing (118 pages). Also includes pack of 82 decorative stickers for use on digital devices.

$8.00 USD

Planner Details

This visually straightforward planner lets you organize your everyday life – and do it in style! Specifically, in YOUR style. Digital stickers come with the PDF planner download for you to customize its look when using on digital devices (does not apply when printing unless you own additional custom sticker-making equipment).

In addition, there are places included in the planner for notes or to-do lists as well as for tracking your choice of habits. Suggested habits include meditation, at-home meal prep, journaling, gratitude practice, and exercise. Ultimately, you can choose any habit you like.

Mockup of Weekly Planner with Pizzazz cover on tablet.

What are the Benefits of Using a Planner?

As a time management tool, planners provide a visual overview of your schedule and helps you set priorities when time is limited. They facilitates a host of other benefits as well:

  • Helps with memory retrieval later when writing by hand
  • Reduces clutter by keeping notes, appointments, documents, and to-do lists in one place
  • Lessens the chance you’ll forget things (obviously!)
  • Increases productivity when used intentionally
  • Builds time management skills, especially if you’re visually-oriented
  • Decreases overwhelm when considering actual time available versus time needed
  • Creates anticipation of events that increase life satisfaction
  • Sets up a self-mediated system of accountability to follow through on tasks

Sources: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Science Daily

What Do I Do with My Planner Once I've Downloaded It?

Check out the video below for 5 ways to use your new planner, whether on paper or your favorite digital device. We’ve also got a quick start guide with tips and tutorials to get the most out of our digital journals, habit trackers, and planners.

What to Do with a Digital Journal After You Download It
Unique Features

Tablet and paper icon

Flexible Digital or Print Use
After purchase, you’ll receive an instant download link for your PDF files via email. Import this PDF document into your favorite digital device such as a tablet or smartphone that allows for commenting or “mark-up,” meaning that you’ll be able to write with your finger or stylus directly onto each page of the journal.

Alternatively, print the journal pages to any sized paper by adjusting your printer settings. Hole punch and keep in a binder, fold to make a booklet, create a notebook with a home binding system, or use any other organization method you prefer.


Icon showing visual page layout

Easy-Flow Visual Planner Layout
Add variety to traditional planner designs with fun and engaging colors as well as the option to customize with stickers when using on a digital device. The natural flow of elements on each page creates an optimal visual layout to help you find what you need more quickly.

Refund Policy

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Due to the non-returnable nature of this digital product, there will be NO REFUNDS after purchase unless your order is incorrect.

Please refer to the Payments and Refunds Policy as part of our Terms & Conditions for additional details. You must agree to these Terms & Conditions to complete any purchase during the checkout process.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use my planner?

Every day! Or at least every day you need help managing your schedule and setting priorities in line with the amount of time you have at your disposal. Time management skills take practice. Using a planner will become second nature once you develop your own way of using it.

Consistency is key to making any habit stick. Setting a specific time each day to review and make changes to your planner will establish it as a natural part of your daily routine.


How many entries does the Weekly Planner with Pizzazz accommodate?

The advantage of a downloadable digital planner, delivered via a PDF file, is that you get to make unlimited copies of each page. There is a spot to make entries for every day of the calendar year, plus spots to track habits and make notes.


Is this planner subject to any use restrictions?
This planner is intended for adult informational and entertainment purposes only. It does not serve to diagnose any medical condition; nor should it be considered a substitute for professional medical or mental health treatment. For that, you should make an appointment with a qualified health care provider.

Furthermore, if you are currently under the care of a mental health professional, it is highly recommended that you use this time management tool with their guidance for the best results.

The Weekly Planner with Pizzazz is restricted to your own personal use only. If you love this planner please direct friends, family, and acquaintances to the website to purchase a copy for themselves. You are NOT allowed to resell, lend, share, or otherwise distribute this product in accordance with copyright law without written permission directly from The Balanced Introvert.

​Please read our Disclaimer and Terms of Use policies, which apply to all of our self-care bookstore products


When will I get the planner that I purchased?
A digital download link of a PDF file of the planner is delivered instantly upon payment approval during the checkout process. If you don’t get an email with a download link for your planner within 15 minutes of completing your order, check the spam or junk folder in your email. If you don’t see it there, email us directly at orders@thebalancedintrovert.com and provide your order number.


What if I don’t receive my digital order?
If you experience any issues with an order, please email us at orders@thebalancedintrovert.com. Include your order number and the name of the planner you purchased for faster assistance. We look forward to helping you get underway with your new time management practice.