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Quick Start Guide to Using Digital Journals, Planners, & Trackers

Whether you just downloaded a new journal or planner, get started using your digital tool right away with brief video tutorials and easy printing instructions. We sprinkled in plenty of expert tips you’ll be glad you got before digging too deep into your new self-care hobby.

Don’t have the perfect digital journal, planner, or habit tracker yet? No problem! Hit the button below to see our collection. Be sure to check out the personality type quiz that picks your first (or next) digital tool for you.

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Video Tutorials

Learn the basics of setting up your digital journal, planner, or habit tracker with our video tutorials. Get the information you need quickly – in under five minutes – and see how easy it is to begin a digital self-care journey.

How to Create Digital Stickers with Canva

Customize Your Planner with Digital Stickers (and Noteshelf)

How to Add Stickers to Your Digital Planner (Notability App)

How to Get Started Using Digital Stickers in GoodNotes

3 Digital Journaling Apps for Android and Apple Devices

What to Do with a Digital Journal After You Download It

How to Print Your Journal, Planner, or Tracker after Purchase

After you complete your purchase, you’ll get an order confirmation email with a link to download your PDF file. All planners, journals, and habit trackers look great printed on standard letter-sized paper (8.5″x11″) as well as A5 paper (5.83″ x 8.27″). For best printing results, check the properties in your printer settings:

  1. Set paper orientation to landscape or portrait view, as appropriate for your specific digital item.
  2. Select the “fit” layout option or manually adjust paper sizing with the scale percentage option.
  3. Enable the print preview setting to make sure the entire page is visible before printing.

How to Keep Your Journaling Habit Fresh and Fun

Check out the videos in our YouTube series dedicated to new journal and planner ideas and prompts. It’s OK to switch things up every now and then to maintain interest in self-expression, awareness of your habits, and time management skills.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Take the Journaling Personality Type Quiz to get matched up with your next journal, habit tracker, or planner. It’s possible to “grow out of” a certain tool. You may be ready for the next level in your personal development journey and in that case, congratulations!

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