A Prompted Journal about Life through Music (Download)


A prompted music journal for beginners and veterans alike, offering an entertaining approach to the self-care activity. Build self-awareness at a surface level using music prompts as the vehicle for personal discovery and expression.

Delivered via email as a downloadable PDF file (26 pages) in the color of your choice for home printing or digital journaling on your tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer. Includes access to an interactive, online app that recommends songs for each writing prompt.

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Habit Tracker Details

A Prompted Journal about Life through Music uses your favorite songs in 20 self-reflection prompts. Revisit each prompt again from the perspective of a different song for a completely new journaling experience. It’s perfect to break up an old journaling routine or get one started. Never run out of inspiration with free access to an online app that provides song suggestions for each writing prompt.

Why music? There’s a song for every situation! You instantly connect with songs that resonate with your unique life experiences. Music captures emotions true to real life and expresses the words that are sometimes hard to find yourself. Music can release you from feeling isolated, knowing that others feel the same way.

Writing to the provided prompts helps you process past experiences, thoughts, and beliefs. This prompts an awareness that empowers you to decide whether you want to keep them or not.

Is the Mindful Feelings Tracker Right for You?

This prompted journal is a good fit for you if:

  • You want to take steps away from burnout and back toward self-care and awareness
  • You are new to journaling as a self-care activity
  • You want to ease into a regular self-care practice with a low time commitment
  • You’re not keen on writing as a hobby but still find the idea of keeping a journal intriguing
  • You’re not comfortable delving too deeply into self-awareness…yet
  • You love music and would like to better understand why certain songs appeal to you
  • You want to explore music beyond its aesthetic value to appreciate the significance of song lyrics
  • You’re looking for a way to initiate a conversation with your teenager about the messages in popular song lyrics and their effects
Where are You on the Path from Self-Awareness to Burnout?

Study the path laid out below. Notice that it takes more than a single step to get from one end to the other. It also takes time.

Where are you on this path?

Infographic showing the stages leading from self-awareness and self-care to burnout

In a few words, self-care recharges the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual energy stores you need to engage in the daily battle with stress and recover fully. Self-awareness prevents crossing the line from the healthy, helpful side of stress that makes life exciting to the damaging, overwhelming realm of stress that leaves you prone to burnout and disease.

What do I do with my digital journal once I've downloaded it?

Check out this video for 5 ways to use your new journal or tracker, whether on paper or your favorite digital device.


What to Do with a Digital Journal After You Download It
Unique Features

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Flexible Digital or Print Use
After purchase, you’ll receive an instant download link for a PDF file via email. Import this PDF document into your favorite digital device such as a tablet or smartphone that allows for commenting or “mark-up,” meaning that you’ll be able to write with your finger or stylus directly onto each page of the journal.

Alternatively, print the journal pages to any sized paper by adjusting your printer settings. Hole punch and keep in a binder, fold to make a booklet, create a notebook with a home binding system, or use any other organization method you prefer.


Music note icon

Music-Inspired Journaling
Self-guided song analysis serves as a useful prompt for journaling. Music makes the activity more enjoyable for beginners, encouraging a lasting journaling habit that’s easy and comfortable to start.


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20 Reusable Prompts
Each song prompt presents a common lyrical topic. A follow-up question facilitates a closer look at a song of your choice to interpret the meaning behind the lyrics and how they relate to personal experiences.


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Free Companion App
The journal includes access to an online app that offers specific song suggestions for each prompt. The song recommendations cover a variety of genres and plays each song inside the app. It’s fun and simple to incorporate into journaling.


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Independent Song Exploration
The journal features pages to reflect on songs or musical topics of your choice. Free writing comes more naturally after trying out a few journaling prompts first, particularly if you’re new to journaling.


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Uncomplicated Self-Awareness Topics
The journal prompts cover a variety of topics such as practicing gratitude, utilizing the four senses, using music to alter your mood, identifying your values, building confidence, and exploring new styles of music.


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2-in-1 Stress Management Tool
Opting for soothing music selections increases relaxation, while journaling itself lends to self-awareness. Both act as powerful antidotes to stress. Nurture your mental health with a few minutes per journaling session.

Refund Policy

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Due to the non-returnable nature of this digital product, there will be NO REFUNDS after purchase unless your order is incorrect.

Please refer to the Payments and Refunds Policy as part of our Terms & Conditions for additional details. You must agree to these Terms & Conditions to complete any purchase during the checkout process.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of journaling?
Journaling provides many health benefits including:

  • Decreased stress
  • Improved mood in general
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Decreased depression
  • Reduced perception of pain
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Increased life satisfaction
  • Improved focus and memory
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Decreased number of physical ailments
  • Easier decision-making
  • Fewer interpersonal conflicts
  • Improved coping after a traumatic event
  • Shortened period of grief after loss
  • Acceptance of transition or change
  • Improved coping during and after addiction recovery


How often should I write in the music journal?
That’s entirely up to you! Writing for 10-15 minutes, even just a couple of days each week, decreases stress while improving mood and focus. Consistency plays a key role in any self-care habit, so setting a schedule to make time for this habit will help it stick.


How many entries does the Life through Music journal accommodate?
The journal features 20 specific song topic prompts that are reusable. The advantage of a downloadable digital journal, which delivers a printable PDF file, is that you get to print unlimited copies of each page.


Is this journal subject to any use restrictions?
This journal is intended for adult informational and entertainment purposes only. It does not serve to diagnose any medical condition; nor should it be considered a substitute for professional medical or mental health treatment. For that, you should make an appointment with a qualified health care provider.

Furthermore, if you are currently under the care of a mental health professional, it is highly recommended that you use this journaling tool with their guidance for the best results.

Life through Music is restricted to your own personal use only. If you love this journal please direct friends, family, and acquaintances to the website to purchase a copy for themselves. You are NOT allowed to resell, lend, share, or otherwise distribute this product in accordance with copyright law without written permission directly from The Balanced Introvert.

​Please read our Disclaimer and Terms of Use policies, which apply to all of our self-care bookstore products.


When will I get the journal that I purchased?
A digital download link of a PDF file of the journal is delivered instantly upon payment approval during the checkout process. If you don’t get an email with a download link for your journal within 15 minutes of completing your order, check the spam or junk folder in your email. If you don’t see it there, email us directly at [email protected] and provide your order number.


What if I don’t receive my digital order?
If you experience any issues with an order, please email us at [email protected]. Include your order number and the name of the journal you purchased for faster assistance. We look forward to helping you get underway with your new journaling self-care practice.

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